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    "The Last Pure Land of Chinese Soybean", a large non-GM soybean grain producing area, is Heilongjiang Province, which has unparalleled advantages of green, non-GM soybean. Bingquan Soybean Milk Material Production Base is located in Sanjiang Pla


    We only select 100% GM soybean in Northeast Africa. Before sowing, we need to use soybean seed selector or artificial seed selector to remove diseased patches, insect-eating grains and impurities, so as to ensure the purity of seed a, not less than 98%, g


    With good seeds, scientific cultivation is needed to harvest the highest quality soybeans. The production base regards the management of green soybean production standards as the highest standard, and strictly controls the broadcasting period, sowing meth

    Cutting-edge equipment

    As a pioneer in the Chinese soymilk industry, Ice Spring Soybean was the first company in China to introduce an internationally advanced continuous vacuum drying line from Japan in the 1980s, thus becoming the first large-scale enterprise to produce soy m

    Advanced technology

    From two refining (rough grinding, fine grinding), to water quality regulation, pulp separation, killing and killing enzymes, sterilization and concentration, deodorization, continuous vacuum drying, etc., 18 advanced processes, combining traditional tech

    Authoritative guidance

    We sincerely invite the National Soybean Engineering Technology Research Center and experts from Northeast Agricultural University to provide guidance for planting and production. At the same time, we actively cooperate with universities such as South Chi



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